Bombs away! : Mala Xiang Guo at Hougang Mall

Mala Xiang Guo [Second Stall from the Front, Hougang Mall, Hougang Ave 6, Singapore 538766]

Mala Xiang Guo is becoming popular in Singapore. It first started in some Chinese restaurants and the trend soon caught up, with shopping centres all over Singapore opening their own Mala Xiang Guo stalls.

Mala Xiang Guo literally means, Numbing Spicy Pot. It is a pot filled with spices specially chosen to numb your mouth, your tongue and your senses.

photo 1
Wide variety of ingredients to choose from!

You basically get a big metal bowl, use the metal tongs available, and pick whatever you would like to eat. There is a wide variety of choices, from Vegetables to Mushrooms to Meat and even Maggi Noodles. Basically you grab your food and leave it into the bowl, the cashier will weigh your ingredients and calculate the final cost.

After which, you have a choice of Less Spicy, Medium Spicy, or Very Spicy. (Warning: Do not start with Very Spicy at your first try. You could possibly start sniffing, or your tongue and lips will start to tingle, or both.. True Story.) Once chosen, the cashier will send your order to the kitchen.. where your chosen ingredients will be fried with your selected spices and sent piping hot to the counter when it’s done.

photo 2
The final product: I couldn’t capture the steam!

Here’s how it looks like when done. As my tolerance of spicy food is rather high, I chose Medium Spicy. The entire dish basically tastes savoury. It has a good mix of garlic, chilli, and other random spices that gives you a rather satisfying taste. While the spicy levels are rather high, you are still able to taste the flavour and umami of your selected ingredients and you end up with this warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy in the end.

Some of my must grab ingredients:

  1. Luncheon Meat (the natural salty luncheon meat goes hand in hand with the spicy sauce. It adds flavour to an already flavourful dish. It is like adding another engine to a Ferrari)
  2. Mushrooms (Mushrooms are naturally crunchy and they add a different texture to the dish as you crunch on them)
  3. Potatoes (Personal favourite, you can’t eat something without potatoes)
  4. Maggi Noodles (You have to get this. The noodles soak up the goodness of the gravy and every mouth of the noodles are a microcosm of all the flavours in the dish)
  5. Fish (It is basically a slab of Dory fish. I believe it is lightly marinated in sesame oil. When cooked with the sauce, the fish takes on a spicy flavour, but has a light fresh peppered taste.)
  6. Cabbage (The vegetables add a degree of sweetness to the dish, making it even more layered in flavour. Honestly it would have been too spicy without the sweetness coming from the vegetables)
  7. Crab Meat (There’s something with Spicy stuff and processed food that goes well together. I have no idea why)

Anyway, the meal came up to a total of $16. (10% discount with Kopitam Card) I think I really grabbed too much fish and meat. But I felt as if I were the King of the World after wolfing down the meal. Worth it.

Mala Xiang Guo [Second Stall from the Front, Hougang Mall, Hougang Ave 6, Singapore 538766]