Curry Curry: Best Fish Head Curry

Curry Curry [203 Hougang St 21 Singapore 530202]

To me, Curry Fish Head has always been a comfort food.

By far, the best Curry Fish Head I’ve tasted is found in this cosy little place called Curry Curry. It is next to a NTUC Fairprice, and is just a short distance away from the MacDonalds at Kovan.

Store view while walking from NTUC

As we approached the place near 8pm, it was still packed with people queueing and waiting for their Curry Fish Head to drive the impending Monday blues away. You can almost smell the curry aroma oozing through our noses, a sign of what we could expect later.

Airconditioned seating inside

The place was recently renovated, so the inside seating has been airconditioned for a more comfortable setting to attack your fish head. As you can read from the red poster up in front, No Service Charge, No GST, No Vegetable Oil. They cook with Canola Oil, whatever that is.. for them to advertise it, I suppose it’s healthy.

Alfresco seating outside

Of course, if you’re game for alfresco seating, there are plenty of tables out there for you to sweat it out while eating your curry fish head.
The Curry Fish Head/Tail

Today unfortunately the Curry Fish Head was sold out, so we had the Curry Fish Tail instead.

Some people swear by the Fish Head, because the meat there is more tender, but has more bones.

Some people prefer the fish tail, because it has less bones, has more meat because well obviously the fish swims with its tail and not its head. So it’s really a case of personal preference.

For those who are unfamiliar with Curry Fish Head, the dish consists of Curry, the Fish Head/or Tail, Brinjals, Ladies Fingers, Tomatoes and some Tau Pok soaking up the curry essence.

This curry is like the best of both worlds. It combines the unique character of chinese curry, which has a mild spicy and savoury taste, with the stronger indian curry spices, which gives us the pleasant aroma of indian curry and depth in taste. You can also taste the tomatoes and lentils within the curry, giving it a wonderful texture with a tinge of sourness to complement the spices.

Anyway, at 8.15pm, I overhead the boss announcing all fish heads and fish tails are sold out. So if you’re keen to try the meal, do come early! The Fish Head and Fish Tail cost the same, the entire meal was around $30. (Fish Tail and 2 rice and 2 drinks)

Curry Curry [203 Hougang St 21 Singapore 530202] Closed on Mondays


21 Seafood – Crab cravings, high savings!

After watching a bunch of Bear Grylls videos eating seafood, I had a very strong craving for seafood, especially crabs.

We were deciding between Crab Party (which had quite decent reviews, but pretty expensive), and 21 Seafood in Kovan (decent reviews, but very cheap).

We went with the economical option in the end, bought over by the offer of 3 crabs for $20!

21 Seafood [212 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530212]

3 crabs for $22, 3 crabs for $23 or 3 crabs for $25.
The signs were clear. 3 crabs for $22, 3 crabs for $23 or 3 crabs for $25. You could literally see the chefs cooking your dishes inside with big fire and lots of wok action!

Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce
The first dish that arrived. Kai Lan fried with oyster sauce. I would have preferred more garlic, but the Kai Lan was crunchy and sweet, just the right texture I liked!

Creamy Butter Crabs
The star dish of the day! 3 Creamy Butter Crabs. A few initial thoughts:

1. I thought it was going to be butter overdose. However I discovered to my pleasant surprise that the savoury juices of the crabs combined with the milky butter goodness to create a sweet umami sauce that makes you want to eat more.

2. We eventually purchased buns to go along with the very nice gravy. The buns were sweet, and added another dimension to the taste!

3. The crabs were bigger than expected! We thought it was going to be really small baby crabs, but the crabs we had were quite substantial. You could really taste the firm flesh off the shells.

The Final Bill
The final bill turns out to be $50. This was what we ordered:

  1. 3 x creamy butter crabs
  2. Oyster Sauce Kai Lan
  3. Marmite Pork Ribs (nice, but we over ordered)
  4. 2 x white rice
  5. 1 x Barley drink
  6. 6 buns

The bill would have been $38 if we hadn’t ordered the marmite pork ribs. We were pretty much stuffed after that. A good place to come to satisfy your crab cravings at a low price!

21 Seafood [212 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530212]