Changi Village Triple Goodness

[Changi Village Hawker Centre – Blk 2 Changi Village Road Singapore 500002]

My old army camp is near to Changi Village. It is so near that running our 2.4km tests involves running pass the food centres there. Most of the time we eat there during nights outs, or when we got to serve guard duties.. that becomes our only source of comfort. So we have always associated Changi Village with comfort food, and good food. I had the chance to drop by Changi V today and of course, I ordered the usual favourites.
photo 2[International Nasi Lemak Stall 01-03, Changi Village Hawker Centre]

Before Changi V went for the major renovation, the crowd usually queued for International Nasi Lemak. However, after the renovation, Mizzy Nasi Lemak took up the stall where International used to occupy. And therefore people continued to queue at the same place, not realizing that it’s a different stall. For nostalgia sake, I still order from International nowadays. But I suppose there’s not much difference.

The rice is fragrant, with coconut and a strong hint of savoury goodness like onions and chicken. The chicken is freshly fried. One might note that the joints have red spots, but I can assure you that’s the sweet spot of fried chicken and it’s at its peak of tenderness. If you cook beyond that, it’ll be too tough. The egg yolk used to be runny, but it’s fully cooked today. And the chilli, while sweet, complements the rice very well.

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Set: $3.50

photo 1

[Wing Kee Original Ipoh Hor Fun Stall 01-18, Changi Village Hawker Centre]

I can’t go all the way to Changi V and not eat the Ji Pa Horfun, also known as Set No.2. I’m not a big fan of horfun, but this is one of the smoothest horfun I’ve ever tasted. The journey from mouth to stomach was so smooth that you can’t resistĀ putting more into your mouth. The horfun sits in a pool of gravy that’s obviously made of some traditional family recipe that they won’t tell you. If the horfun is Hello Kitty, then the gravy must be Dear Daniel. You can’t live without each other. The gravy has a savoury taste and has a hint of oyster and chicken flavour. To top off the ultimate combo, you have the freshly fried and chopped chicken cutlet. The skin is crispy, with just the right amount of fats to make it melt in your mouth. The meat is so flavourful it makes you smile just eating it. Definitely a must eat.

Chicken Hor Fun: $3.50

I also ate the famous Red Tea Longan for dinner, but I forgot to take pictures. I will update another time, this definitely won’t be my last time in Changi V. Stay tuned!