Michelin Star Chicken Rice

I took the Youth Day holiday to travel to Tai Seng for a branch of the 1 Michelin Star Chicken Rice. 

[Hawker Chan, 18 Tai Seng Street, Singapore 539775, next to Tai Seng MRT]

On a weekday afternoon, queue was short (5 min). I ordered a Soya Sauce Chicken Rice ($3.80) and Vegetables ($5).

The chicken was well seasoned with their special soya sauce. It was a perfect umami that ticks the right spot in your mouth. There was also a herbal smell as you chew on the chicken. Surprisingly for soya sauce chicken, the chicken meat itself is also well marinated by the sauce.

I didn’t want to waste meat on the chili as the star was the soya sauce, but the chili goes very well with the herbal savoury meat. It has a tinge of sour and reminds me of kway chap chili. 

The vegetables portion was huge! And it was crunchy and nice. I preferred the stems to the leaves though. Would have been nicer with fried shallots. Still good.

Spent $8.80 in total. Well worth the calories and price. 4/5 stars