Gurkha Palace: Meal fit for royalty

We have read good reviews of Gandhi Restaurant and wanted to check it out but it was closed. So we walked down Chander Road and walked into Gurkha Palace instead. (You can click around the map to look at the surroundings if you need help getting there)

My wife is not a big fan of Indian cuisine, but the meal left her nodding in approval. And that’s how good it was.

photo6255866144799958969The first to arrive was the Kukhura Momo (S$7.90). It’s basically grilled chicken dumplings. The chicken was well marinated with spices and the skin was softer than most chinese dumplings that we were used to. A good start!

photo6255866144799958968This is the Malai Tikkas (S$13.80). This is the star of the entire meal. The chicken was smoked to perfection. It is more juicy and tender than we have ever created through sous vide. There’s a great mix of spices in there: pretty unique blend of interesting taste that hits you once you take the first bite. There’s also that charcoal taste on the outside that completes the entire sensory experience. Well worth the money.

photo6255866144799958971This is Aloo Kauli (S$6.50). Basically potatoes and cauliflower. When you mix both of these in a tomato or chutney tasting sauce, it serves as a good side dish to the main. The taste is creamy and leaves a strong spice taste in your mouth. Very fragrant.

photo6255866144799958970We thought we just had to get some more vegetables in our life. So we ordered the Mismas Tarkari ($6.50). Mixed vegetables stir fried in Nepali style. Well, spinach, cabbage, lentils, carrots and some peas thingy. I’m surprised how they managed to get so many types of vegetables inside this dish. Definitely the healthier option fried in spices of course.

photo6255899310537418683We added Naans at the very end. Goes well with all the dips and sauces etc. We ordered so much that we actually had enough left for breakfast the next day as well. Food tasted even better the next morning I have no idea why.

But all in all, a very good meal. 4/5 stars.We will definitely return!



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